The White Rabbit’s Apprentice

Author and editor Jess Lawrence:

“big potential”

“premise is stellar”


Caroline Canon is an introverted LA journalist with a fondness for books and big dreams, desperate to get out of the office and on the bestseller list. This tech-thriller explores the power of words, secrets, and the fine line between revenge and justice. When Caroline receives an anonymous package, she sets the mystery aside for a plane to Montana, which unknowingly changes her life forever.

Oblivious to looming dangers, she takes off to interview Tolfe Hunt, author of the decade. Hunt is writing his final book, a crime series inspired by his wife’s death. As disturbing events unfold, he fears her killer, a computer hacker under the alias Excell, remains a threat. Excell is the creator of Rabbit Run, a horrifying online game. When the game brings unlikely characters together, from undercover informations to millionaires, each must confront their moral boundaries. When Caroline finds herself in the middle of this mayhem, she must ask herself, what would you do to survive? Follow these characters from multiple points of view as they’re forced to unmask their true identities.

C. H. Brown started The White Rabbit’s Apprentice in September of 2018. The book began as a NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) project, which Brown won for the first time in November ’18 and again in April ’19.

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