Editing to Publish: A Thrilling Journey

Do you write your own novels, short stories, or something in between? If not, have you ever wondered what story might be inside you?

I understand from experience that writing a novel, or even a shorter work, is tedious and time consuming. For all my fellow writers who are in or approaching the editing stage, you may want to consider using a professional’s insight as I have.

For my first critique on TWRA, I got the help of Jess Lawrence, author and editor. I highly recommend Jess for anyone looking for editing assistance. Working with Jess is wonderful! The feedback I received was thorough, insightful, and worth reading again and again. This has been my biggest editing asset so far.

Not only am I thankful for the critique, but Jess has made me blush with her compliments on TWRA as well:

“Premise is stellar.

I really do think your story has big potential. It’s a unique plot with very interesting characters.

I want to read more!”

Thank you Jess!

If you liked this post and want to read more, keep scrolling for my latest blogs! You can also check out TWRA’s synopsis in the Books tab. Thanks!

Finding Inspiration in Death

Cemetery Visit

Yesterday I took the day off editing TWRA to visit a local cemetery which housed some very unique, interesting headstones. Graveyards can be a great place to find inspiration for character names and creepy scenes. Some of these dated so far back the encryption worn away, or the stone was being slowly consumed by treetrunk, like a work of art. The headstones were so beautiful that I took pictures to share.